Monday, October 19, 2009

*** something wonderful ***

yesterday i found a glazed chocolate donut in my mailbox..
yes really!
it was in a little bag
no explanation
it just was sitting there...
i love the thought
i love a chocolate glazed donut
but it went in the garbage...
i can't just eat random food i find in my mailbox..
i have to draw the line somewhere right??!?!?!

then today it was garbage day..
someone rolled my 2 overflowing cans of garbage to the curb..
have no idea who..
my garbage man has never done that..
maybe a nice neighbor?
the little fellow that lives behind the door in my walnut tree?!?!

all i know is something wonderful is blowing through ..
maybe our early snowfalls have cleansed
my house
my spirit
my small spot in this world..

i believe & continue to believe
in dreams.. karma.. angels.. fairies
i am hoping i can entice it to stay!!

little blue houses are on my mind..
* sunset on colbalt lane *
up for grabs here..
~ maggie ~


nollyposh said...

Ran straight over (puff, puff!)...
screeetch... bump! (Who put that garbage can there!)... to give you tha hugest, biggest (((HUG))) Luv you, you Bee Charmer you! <3

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

it wouldn't surprise me if it was you!!
you are magical!!!

love right back to you!!

Sandy said...

I'm loving you both!! xoxo
Miss Maggie- you deserve every last "something wonderful"!! I hope all the wonderfuls stay close by!

Miss Meliss said...

How wonderfully magickal! :) YAY!!!!!!!

Yeah, I wouldn't have eaten that doughnut either. What a nice gesture though - as long as someone wasn't trying to poison you. haha, i think. :)