Wednesday, October 07, 2009

*** i love a birthday party ***

as long as it's NOT mine!!
not so much because of age..
but i don't like all eyes on me...
i'd rather be in the birthday chorus...
i was maybe...5 in above photo..
this may have been my surprise party where i ran
hid in the shower
the time i hid under the table at farrels when the drums &
singers marched over to our table!
i was terrible
still am about celebrations like that
only if it's mine
i love to celebrate with others!

on sunday we celebrated my little niece ellas 5th birthday..
what fun!!
ooooodles of silly little kids ..
i was the face painter ..
until i hired my protege audrey to take over..
she did excellent don't you think??

fun day!!
happy 5th sweet ella sofia
love you!!

~ maggie ~


nollyposh said...

Maggie Moo i love yoooou! <3

Miss Meliss said...

happy birthday ella sofia (what a gorgeous name!).

I love you too Maggie Moo Moo!


PS: I saw on your profile that you love chitty chitty bang bang - I love chitty chitty bang bang too!! I still know the songs from when I was little! And I love when they were the dolls!!!! Eeeeeee! Dick Van Dyke really rocked those old Disney movies!