Friday, October 16, 2009

*** sweet love ***

something about the look
on my dogs face..
the soft loving loyal eyes...
the welcoming barks..
the warmth when they sit by my side..
gentle nudge to wake me up..
hugs when i am happy...
comfort when i am sad..
they just

hope you all have a love sweet love....

this is a favorite of mine..
up for grabs..
you know the drill
just click image or

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~


Sandy said...

love sweet love- what a beautiful post. Our pets are so wonderfully unconditional! As are close friends. LOVE you!
ps... we had snow here yesterday and it covered the ground. gone now, but yuuuck...

Miss Meliss said...

I was glad for some furry love this chilly weekend. I made Wentz lay under the blanket with me. That's the price these cats pay for being fed and cleaned up after. I think it's a bargain. :)

~puggy huggies~