Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*** i did it !! ***

i cut it .. my hair that is.. several inches of yucky colored hair..

opps i'm slouching ..
here's another...

what do you think??

i am still waiting waiting waiting for canvases..
hang in there with me!!

~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

you're soooo purdy!
I love your haircut. You Look Marvelous!
Are your canvases due soon? I think you will need to start painting on other surfaces. What do you think of that??

Melissa said...

I'm loving all these pictures of you. So open, so inviting, so beauty~full - I can see the celebration of Life in your face. How wonderful!!

~Picture Magick~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

purdy darn dorky!!!

other surfaces.. livingroom walls remember:)

Anonymous said...

you are going to be so much fun on our trip. you have me laughing now, just wait til we're together!!