Monday, October 13, 2008

* red leaves candy corn & pumpkin cookies *

ok so the world is going to hell in a handbasket eh??
i can hardly stand it .. i would love to turn off the tv &
just ignore it all but so much of it effects me.. my husband is laid-off &
we own a second home..
not by choice...
so i have been trying to keep all my energy positive ..
which is difficult.. but actually not as difficult as
i expected ...

i visited my dad yesterday with colman ..
sprinkled red leaves from my tree around his headstone..
ate pumpkin cookies & candy corn..
made wishes ..
hope they all come true......

a few paintings up for grabs...

*** the smiling garden **

** pretty in pink **

*** a silly smiling angel ***

click image or title to bid..
but most of all
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

YaY! glad 2 see you back! I agree with TV. I wont watch it. Seems enough people throughout the day are talking about it.... enough is enough. Altho- gas is almost under $3.00 here in CT. I saw it today for $3.03 if paying cash. I think CT is still one of the highest in the country.
I would love to see your "pumpkin"... please post. Is it orange yet? Are you going to carve it into a Jack-o-Latern?
Good night my dear friend. Thanks for the kindness on my blog. Always appreciated!!!!

Anonymous said...

i L*O*V*E your paintings. They are always sooo happy!
How's life? Have you made the fudge yet? How's the "pumpkin"?