Sunday, September 28, 2008

*** good quote ***

Nature Quote of the Day
How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.
George Burns

isn't that a good one??

so spent the weekend putzin around the house..

i have tooo much furniture..
my house in phoenix was one floor.. huge open space.. high ceilings..
here ..
little old farm house..
none of my furniture fits..
very frustrating so we are trying to make room for it
in the space above the garage.. currently it sits in my yummy screen porch..
i dream of hanging out in a little screen porch...
one day soon!!
hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!
~ maggie ~


sandy said...

That is a beautiful quote- the leaves in VT were just begining to change- I think all the rain is going to make the "change" happen all that much sooner!
I hope you get to enjoy that porch in the spring.....

Sydney said...

Hey there -- I saw your post on Sandy's blog and I am a huge fan of the Amazing Race. What did you think of tonight's ep? Any faves already?

In case you are interested, there's a great group of people who all comment on Jackie's TV blog -- and Jackie -- liveblogs it and Survivor, Heroes, etc. Also gives us rooms to chat in for shows like Bachelor, Dancing with the stars etc.

You might want to check out tonight's post on AR -- the commenters are all great -- no negativity, no not nice people allowed!

FYI-- she live blogs so people who are on the west coast and can't wait or someone who missed the show can have it all on the page. The comments make all these shows more fun....we all often live comment thru the show as well. I check it first thing every morning and it really got me hooked on blogging!

nollyposh said...

oh i DO ~LOVE~ a little 'ol farmhouse! xox vicki
(ps)maggie once before you told me about an entry that you blogged on your mum... would you, could you remind me again of it's date or title ~Thanks hunny~ i'm such a forgetful soul AND ~THANKYOU~ so much for the great 'boobie' hint X:-)

Sydney said...

the leaves look beautiful... and the quote is fabulous. George himself lived to be 100. I am here in Houston, MISSING the change of seasons, the snap in the air, the snow.... having moved from NY where I lived for a decade (and Boston for a decade). Miss those changes, but I was getting sick of the long, gray cold days around MARCH!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

oh sandy i hope i get into that porch by spring too!!

hey sydney... i still have to watch amazing race.. it is waiting on my tivo for me...
i will check out jackies blog..thanks!! how fun!!

ooooo those long ass march gray days kill me!! i lived in phoenix for 13 years.. LOVED IT!! been back a year this is my second fall in forever.. love wearing my sweaters & boots .. but not looking forward to a long cold gray winter.......