Tuesday, September 16, 2008

* it was BEEEAUTIFUL today *

it was ... can you believe i actually said it
it was beeeeeautiful here ..
yep here in mn?!?!?
what's with that?
.. it wasn't hot ..or muggy .. or buggy .. or freezing ..it was a day in minnesota i like...
i wore a cute little sweater dress & leggings & tall boots my favorite jean jacket... it was fun!

the tree out back is reminding me .... it will soon be cold.....
but until then check out those leaves!

my watermelon ..squash ..pumpkin whatever it is ..still not sure .. is doing good..getting bigger .. it will the worlds largest THING ever.. i just know it!! i wasn't able to get it off the fence..it is tooo entwined.. but that's ok.. break the fence i don't care grow baby grow!!!

look how sunny it was... WOW!! i was waiting for colman to get home from school sitting down by the garden .. looking up towards my little farmhouse ...i was watching the dogs munch on apples from the apple tree ..

herbie doesn't eat them anymore.. it just collects them ..ruby she walks over grabs one .. wanders to the driveway ... munchs it & returns to the tree for another...
i thought it was so funny i snapped a few photos...

look at the blue orb & rainbow that showed up

maybe my dad was enjoying a beautiful silly mn day in my quirky yard with US!
my crazy apple eatting dog & my apple collecting dog
me in my fall outfit
him enjoying the first mn fall seen from forever!!!!

enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~


Marius said...

very nice shot, nice blog, nice person
greetings from italy

Lonely Paul said...


Connie said...

Oh I love the leaves turning colors!!! How beautiful!!!

Peace & Love.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the PERFECT day!