Thursday, September 18, 2008

*** i match my sweater ** *

it happened ...
today i noticed my speckled hair matches my sweater!

can you see it ??
wait i need to take new photo with out
the glasses on my head ..

ok ...there we go... my hair ... i stopped coloring it a couple years ago.. & i am really light gray, silver, white
just in front... i would have to color every week to keep up
with it ...
ish ... i am sooo not that person ... but today was exciting ..
i actually looked up while i was driving & caught my reflection ... in the sunlight my hair matched my sweater :)
i think that is fun..........................

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are just too darn cute- I have been struggling with this myself... My hair is dark blond and the gray( or highlights, as I call them) have been coming in faster than I can count. I'm just feeling like I need some real blonde ones thrown in there! What's wrong with me?? Yours looks beautiful! You are gorgeous!
Dont change a thing! Maybe our( you and I) trip this spring to that tropical island will naturally lighten my hair, then I'll have nothing to worry about! lol