Friday, September 05, 2008

*** autumn paintings ***

ok so you guys know the drill
but there are a lot of new readers
just click the painting or painting title
you will be lead to the auction....
enjoy enjoy !!

one more thing..
so i broke down & now have a page in face book..
clueless as what to do with it..
i have 2 friends ..
my buddy greggy who
found my fake page
see i had a page once to preview things..
boutique owners & etsy crafters/artists sent me their face book page
to view photos of their brick & mortar shops..

greg found me
funny huh?
i forgot i even had the damn
Mary Crawford page..
any one else in face book?
i don't know how to work photo albums..
do you?

yep i know
i'm dorky
here i am

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