Sunday, September 07, 2008

*** breakfast of champions ***

so today i woke up ..
it was raining
made some toast..
one slice with my favorite
white chocolate peanut butter..
one with boysenberry jam..

soooo good
i totally wanted more ..

went to the kitchen & caught my husband with the bread..
going to make some toast ..
i'm telling ya it not only tasted good
it smelled awesome!!

then he made a funny face as he was looking at the bread..
he froze & quickly flipped the loaf over as i got closer to him ..


i ate moldy toast for breakfast.....

what else can i say ...

moldy toast


wore a flower in my hair to make me feel better..
& snuggled with bing the cat.. ruby & herbie just
didn't seem to understand.....

1 comment:

DeeDee said...

Speaking of food. I see that my comment telling you that I posted the recipe didn't come up. The carob fudge recipe is at my blog.
Hope you like it.