Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*** my pumpkin ***

ok people .. i know you all have been waiting to see my pumpkin..
the biggest
pumpkin ever!!
well you may recall i was unsure as to what the hell i was growing
was it a pumpkin??
maybe a watermelon
all wrong
the only thing right about my guess was it
is the largest
yep the biggest piece of candy corn in the world!!!

amazing huh?
totally worth the wait ..
enough to share !!

it has been cold.. i couldn't sleep last night.. i put the dogs out & there was frost
on the grass !!
almost all the leaves have fallen from the trees.. my favorite tree the
big sugar maple is almost naked!

i had 2 visits with 2 of my favorite little fairies
audrey & ella..
always ready to play with clay ..we made magic wands ..
i wish i had photo.. i forgot & well...
colman & i made clay eyeballs for our halloween wreath..

we will make a sign..maybe it will say
~ i see you ~
~ all eyes on you ~

any ideas??
with boys you make eyeballs ..
with girls wands & crowns
it was a blast...

well here are the latest

*** sunshine ***

*** making wishes ***

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I L*O*V*E your candy corn pumpkin! YaY!
You have been a very busy girl....
Fall is definitely here. I had frost yesterday morning on the car...Brrrr..... Our tree's are almost naked too.:--(
When are we going to that tropical island?????
<3 You!