Monday, February 25, 2008

* sara bareilles *

hoooray... i got tickets to see sara bareilles... YIPPEE!!
it is already sold out & i'm so happy..
that is my mn happy for today :)

she was in mn a few months back ..
check out the video the city looks grey & freezing !!

i bought some spring flowers .. some bulbs & a jasmine vine..
i had a HUGE jasmine vine in my old garden.. it was amazing.. so i have a little one here ..
i have been looking to buy some bulbs that aren't already planted.... i guess that is silly .. so i am told ... i guess not available this time of year in MN??
i love to plant spring bulbs in terracotta pots for in my house..
i guess that isn't going to happen this year...
yeah right .. i'm going to get bulbs .. i will just order some online right?
there ..
another happy thing.....

and a song...


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