Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*** ugly cry ***

not so blood shot & puffy now..

so after what seems days of
crying.. crying
even super ugly crying
my eyes are back to normal.. .. or my face is .. i was a swollen
the funeral was saturday... i will miss hearing my sisters laugh..
talking to her daily but now she is with me in spirit
painting with me ......

so here are a couple of my latest commissions
sasha & sean...

cute huh?

~ maggie ~


Sydney said...

Oh Maggie -- I am sending you so hugs and more hugs and ice cream and new paints and a masseuse and a cold cloth for your eyes and flowers and wine and chocolate and brightly colored nail polish.

Saint Lover said...

Maggie... I am sooo sorry for your loss! Its so hard to know what to say when someone looses someone they love so... Take each day, day by day and remember all the good times. She will live on in your heart and memories.

Gentle hugs,
Saint Lover and the 6 pack.

PS... can you give me a quote on a commission for the boys when you get a chance... no rush.

nollyposh said...

((((((((((HUGz)))))))))) & kisseZ xox