Wednesday, July 22, 2009

*** cupcake lady?? ***

****CUPCAKES ****
yesterday was a cupcake day...
i had little miss ella for the afternoon... she thinks i should start a new business..
even invested in her idea by

purchasing & gifting me a beautiful cupcake book...
& yes ..
this is a design straight from the book ...
but being artists we took
some artistic license with them :) ..
~btw ...anyone know where to buy "runts"
they are a wonka candy?~

so with some licorice, skittles fabulous straw cookies
you like????
colman & ella co-cupcake designers
ok... down to art business... i am listing more items on etsy..
it is always
buy it now on etsy
gotta like that!
so check me out there too..
tangerine studio etsy store

just listed these cuties

just click image to check them out ..
both 6x6 cuties on canvas..$35 a piece..
what a smokin deal!!!!

hope you are having a fabulous week!
~ maggie ~


s.lei said...

Runts? We have them everywhere here! Our dollar store carries them, if you ever need any.
Love the paintings. You are one creative lady!

Allison said...

I love your music - have no idea who most of it is but love it. Great background at work.

Cupcakes, we missed the cupcakes...and I didn't get any rice crispy treats either :(

Maggie - you've been hanging out with Mel too much, sometimes I have to look twice to see if it is you or she in the pic.

Luv ya - hope you (and Colman) are hanging in their

nollyposh said...

GoTTa luv a cupcake! X:-)