Tuesday, January 22, 2008

driving on ice

oooooooh sooo freaky!

if you roll down the windows you can hear cracking..
i of course was clueless of this the first spin my son & i took on lake minnetonka..
found out from husband who grew up on the lake about this when we got home & he
said " didn't you hear it ?"
hear what???? we were laughing.. singing to the radio & screaming "ice road truckers" as we sped across the ice!!

here's my truck in the middle of the lake.. sorta cool huh?

so we did it again yesterday ...
i love to check out ice houses ..

anyways ...
so my little Eskimo

& i were out on the ice taking the photo of the truck above & we heard it ..
the god awful crack glug sound as another car drove past us...
if you have heard it before you know the freaky sound i am talking about!!

little eskimo after hearing the sound..

from now on we are staying in the truck..windows up & music playing!


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