Tuesday, June 30, 2009

** empowering ME **

so as some of you may know already
my life has been very bumpy these
last few months...
way to much heartache
both my dad & sister passed away
my marriage... divorce is a bitch...
so in this i am trying to
do things to remind myself
'hey i can do it .. '
so i signed up for an 8k with my sis-in-law mel ..
who by the way runs & ran it last year ..
we have been practicing .. sometimes walking sometimes biking
but we haven't ran
i'm just happy we are out there moving!
so saturday was the big race..
i woke up at 5am to a loud crashing boom of thunder ..
alarm went off at 6:30am & i was up .. dressed & out the door with my
bright yellow fire mans raincoat..
it was mel & i at the starting line with
about maybe 50 hardcore
'i race in the pouring rain & i race when it is 30 degrees below'
runners ..
we giggled .. stretched & were off!
we ran the first block to impress the nieces & my bother as they cheered
us on from their front door as we ran past their house..

..my brother even commented on us running ... he was impressed ..
then it was a steady walk
2 minutes into the run
we were drenched
2 miles in the winners & leaders of the race passed us ..
going the opposite direction ..
on the last leg of the race already!!
we hip-hip-hoorayed them along..
through out the race
we bounced back in forth with 3 women for the tail end race position
only for them to pass us on the final stretch...

giggling in the rain as the orange cones where being taken
down & the water stations were closing

we crossed the finish line
i was dead last
last ...
but i tell ya ..
we did it!!

we giggled in the pouring rain on sunday morning for
1hour & 13 minutes

i empowered me


s.lei said...

YAY for you. Keep on EMPOWERING!!!!!!!!!!

nollyposh said...

Oh Maggie Moo <3 <3 <3
i didn't know all that!
(((Hugs))) & kisses & LOADS of LUV's to YOU ~Always~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
(Ps) my facebook has changed, well actually the old one is still there but i forgot my password (Geeezzz!) so i have a new one, so same bat name, different channel!) X:-)

Saint Lover said...

Awesome Maggie! You go girl! Empowerment is contagious. I start weigh watchers tomorrow....