Thursday, June 11, 2009

*** chocolate?? ***

i am sad to admit..
i am so late on the flavor
i just wasn't that into it..
how could i have
not understood??
now older wiser & thoroughly enjoying
i have a new
strange impulsive desire
to see just how many different flavor
hershey kisses
can find
& taste
i love just to have them..
just in my possession..
perhaps i am hoarding??????

i am hoarding chocolate kisses & various marshmallow candies!!
i like many many fabulous exotic chocolates ...
but something about the kiss ..
i think when i first found the
marshmellow kiss
remember that?
click here for a retake on that...
that was that ...i became hooked
now today i am suddenly totally excited when
i find a new flavor
ever try the peanut butter chocolate kiss?
not bad..
i think i still prefer the reeses
but what do i know
i am new to the
chocolate love affair
what's your favorite??
~ maggie the marshmellow
chocolate kiss hoarder! ~


s.lei said...

mmmmm, i really like the chocolate/cherry kisses they had a x-mas. Not tried the peanutbutter ones. I'm a Reeces fan, BIG TIME!!
xoxoxo my sweet friend.

Allison said... makes the world go round...did I ever tell you when I left my last job for my current one my friends filled a candy jar with chocolate and told me to "go make some new friends." My M&M men are rarely empty (ok they are now b/c the store only had peanut M&Ms and I wanted plain)...Life is like a box of chocolates or in my case a candy jar filled with little mini snickers, 3 muskateers and milky ways...

luv ya
The Butt aka Skilush