Monday, June 08, 2009

* another year older *

yep... that's me at .. hmmmm well let's say
a looong time ago!
even back then i loved dogs in hats..
note the weiner dog in birthday hat
on my fuzzy pink jacket
with a curled tip hood
love it!!
so it was a week of
rain too..
thank god..
we really needed the rain

colman successfully completed another year of school..
now we are on
to the 6th grade...
so the summer will be full of fishing..swimming.. biking..
boating ..
& of course i will continue to paint up a storm
so don't hesitate letting me know what you want to see!!

** making friends **
currently up for grabs
you know the drill
click here
the image
to see all my current

~ maggie ~


nollyposh said...

So Miss Maggie Moo... When are you going to write a children's bOOk... Hmmmmmm?

Melissa said...

Aw how cute! I mean you and the pup! Apparently you were born with that infectious smile. :)

I am still working on your snail mail b-day package. Grrr, I'm a lil annoyed with a particular piece that I can't get to work out right....YET, but I'll get it. Crossing my fingers on having this package out by the end of the week.