Sunday, June 21, 2009

so i can hardly stand it.. my painting for the wine label made the finals!!!!!!
totally exciting huh?
i think i find out tomorrow....
it has been so sticky & hot..herbie has his face
permanently planted right up against the air conditioning vent..
so his big head is blocking all the air & freezing his brain!!
last night i had a slumber party at my place..
all my nieces but one attended..
she is in kansas..
one popped in & had to leave .. she had to work in morning
& one had a fever so she came.. had cake..& started to feel better !!
my cake has that effect on people
so she stayed a couple hours
so mom & dad could have a b-day dinner ...
colman was the guest of honor ..
we had a blast..
well i made my first mini bundt cakes...
so cute & yummy
here's the birthday girl & ella the girl my mini bundt cake healed..
at least for a few hours

and one of the cutest photos in the batch audrey loves doing dishes..
so have at it right?
so there she is with miss ruby
helping clean up

enjoy enjoy !
~ maggie ~


s.lei said...

OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
I am so excited for you!!!!!!
I told you I was feeling this.....
YAY!!!! YIPPEE!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Congrats!! :)

~Magickal Maggie'ness~

Sydney said...

a little girl who likes to do dishes... that's someone to keep around! I love it. And I love your kitchen and seeing how big your doggy is too.

But now the most important thing--- YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! That you got in the FINALS no matter what else happens! WOW that's so great. I will be waiting to hear when you do. Either way, it's pretty cool to get this far.