Sunday, March 15, 2009

*** i'm a winner ***

so get this
nancy, dd, windy wu & little miss gwaycee
decided herbie & my goldfish gobbler trick deserved a prize..
yes a prize!!
i personally never win anything..last thing i won was in 1987..
i won a "homer hanky "
basically a twins handkerchief to wave at the world series game..
& it was a random drawing so i didn't have to perform or anything..
just signed up!!
so now nancy & her girls sent me this original pepperidge farm hat..
with little goldfishes on it.... also a yummy dog treat for herbie..
i am so lucky!

so that was a fun good thing that happened!!

today is my dad's birthday..
colman & i went to his favorite pizza place for a late lunch &
ate bagels for breakfast.. he liked bagels too :)
so i tossed kisses to heaven & now
i am feeling exhausted...

one last thing...
i realized this morning that my email was not working right..
i wasn't receiving emails on one of my accounts..
somehow i switched my mail to offline!!
i caught up with most of you that requested commissions
please email if you haven't heard back from me...

enjoy your sunday evening...
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

You look great with fish on your head-ha.
Always like to see handsome Herbie.


~ maggie crawford ~ said...

thank you graycee!

Melissa said...

YAY YOU!!!!! You look ma-velous darling.