Monday, March 30, 2009

*** i made it through the weekend ***

i did it .. i survived a weekend without colman being home.. he was off with his grandparents on an adventure & andy is now in AZ so it was me...
me & my BIG dogs for 3 days....
i did a lot of painting.. played with the dogs.. laid in bed & watched R rated movies & ate jelly beans.... it was wonderful but i had a terrible time trying to sleep....
saturday night i went out for dinner & drinks with my brother jamie & mel.. it was fun! we went to a hip new place downtown .. tried all types of funky mexican food & drank some tequila.. there was a brownish colored one called a scorpian.. it tasted smoky.. pretty good... i'm not much of a drinker.. as far as tequila.. nope don't drink that either but it was a tequila bar so we ordered some .... it was an adventure!!

i have been working on finishing up a few commissions before i
go out of town... i will be gone the 3rd-8th..
so hold tight more to come

~ oh & look i built another fairy door .. you like?? ~

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

love your failry door! What a cute idea!!
I'm struggling w/ the sleep thing too. Enjoy your free time! Happy painting!!

Anonymous said...

Your life is starting to lift. Take a deep breath and prepare to enjoy. Dogs are good. Especially Handsome Herbie!


Anonymous said...

I never saw a fairy door before. Didn't realize they were so short---


Zom said...

that is magic!
Would you mind if I included it in a journal page on doors?

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

not at all zom ;)

nollyposh said...

Oh MaGGie mOO so cute are yOu xox

Sydney said...

wow -- I LOVE the fairy door. What a great idea! Never seen one before.

SOunds like you had a rather iydillic weekend... how was your trip -- assume you're back by now.

Also curious who comissions you and for what kind of projects? Maybe you can do a post on that if it's too big an answer?