Tuesday, September 12, 2006

~ walking ...walking...walking ~

update on my training for the breast cancer 3day... i'm walking & walking & walking :)
ruby is not walking with me anymore... she made it for the first 3-4 miles then she pooped out... no fun having a 105 lb dog decide she's not gonna budge & you are miles from home... talk about a perfect stubborn mule impression! .... so it is just me .. me & my mp3's ... i'm up to 10-11 miles .. wow huh?
the walk is nov 10th...i'm still looking for donations .. i need to raise about $800 more dollars.. i need $2200 total ... hopefully by oct 8th ... would you like to donate?? with any $25 donation i'll send you a thank you print... magnets .. cookies .. i'm a great baker ... i will send something wonderful i promise ... donate a dollar or more a mile ... that would be $60 & up ... i will send you a fabulous thank you package! just shoot me an email with your address ...
click here to donate....

thank you!

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