Tuesday, September 01, 2009

** school already **

yep.. the time has come.. first week of school is underway..
all my 6th grader wanted was to finally sit in the backseat on the bus ..
& it happened!!

wooooo hoooooo!!
remember those little things..
the backseat on the bus .. a ding dong in your lunch...
sitting by the boy you are crushing on
and the awkward moments..
getting called on in class no matter how hard you looked the other way praying
"no no no not me "
having to walk to front of the class & having a wedgie...
having a tickle in your throat & nothing to drink while the teacher talks
on & on & on
while tears start streaming down your face from the stupid tickle...
you zipper is down
locker rooms
first bra
need i say more??

i don't miss school...
i was the wiggly girl ..
had ants in my pants...
chatty chatty
i'm front row 3rd from left

click to enlarge photo
oh the early 70's

i have report cards from 1st grade that say ..
" maggie must have some confidence she doesn't seem to
care if she gets an answer wrong in math "
" maggie is so busy even her coloring looks sloppy "
... too much huh?
i managed a straight A kid that the school counselor encourages
wiggly kids like his mom to hang out with!!
so i figure as a mom

i hit the

hope your first days went wonderfully
~ Maggie ~

still sporting huge markdowns
the economy... eh
so enjoy
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sandi lei said...

Conor started this week too! 5th grade, new school
THE MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! he loves it so far!!! Phew.. I worry about him fitting in.....
The bus has driven by our house 2 mornings in a row. First day, he kept on going. I made a phone call...
Today, altho he passed, he stopped. It will be nice to have a week behind us! Finding our way thru this new routine is WORK! lol
Your photo is adorable. And in your list of memories of school- many i'd love to forget! Ha!
Love t you.... write when you can! Miss you!!!

Melissa said...

Tristan started her senior year. She's complaining a lot - about the bus, blah, blah. We just keep saying "It's the last year you'll have to deal with it." :)

~kiss kiss~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

the bus drove by... ugh.. how frustrating... colmans showed up early the second day ... but he made it .. at least on the second loop.. it passes his stop twice ..for all i know it scooped him up on the second ime around :)

hope conner is doing well..i always worry about colman fitting in.. he's so laid back... but he does fine..we just worry i think...

melisa!! so happy to see you visiting me :) your music is still a part of my eveyday life ..love love love... i can't believe it.. a senior..???? not looking forward to colman being able to drive & whining about the bus...... ugh..
how are the kittens?