Wednesday, February 03, 2010

* love **

* love *

i adore miss ruby.. i think if she could
pick me fabulous flowers
she would!
herbie would bring me a
stick ..
a very special one picked just by him!
you know the drill
is available on
click image

i realized i haven't posted any snow photos this year..
no glances out my window
like last year..
i'll start doing that again..
here's a few for starters!

enjoy enjoy!
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

Cute Tbee but when I click it to go to Etsy, I don't see it. Great snow photos of the dogs. Think Southern NJ is trying to catch up on MN amounts so we can have BerneseMt-snow dogs also--

Graci said she would love to play in the snow with handsome Herbie.

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

its not showing because it sold...=)!

i love to think of herbie & gwaycee in the snow together!!! what fun they would have..they'd be out all day!
well ..herbie already is!! he loves it .. miss ruby .. not so much..once she gets snowball paws she is over it!!