Thursday, March 11, 2010

*** muddy paws ***

so it rained all day today ..
even heard thunder at times..
very weird...
we still have some...
not much ..
but some snow...
the weather has been warm..
40 degrees ..
so wet.. muddy.. melty ..
gray.. yucky..
don't make me get outta bed days!
but i have learned a few things from
this day of rain
the warm days before it ..

1)i swear next year i will rake the leaves
before winter ...
now i know what happens if i don't & i don't advice skipping a year!!

2)pick up dog poo in the winter ..
even if it gets buried by the snow!!

3)will remember to turn on the heating on the roof..
beautiful icicles
but what a nasty ice dam!!

all things i am learning being back in minnesota
controlling my own destiny!!
scary at times
this i can do right?!

~ maggie ~

ps: that's pre-melt & rain photo..
trust me you don't want to see current photo!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YES, you can and will do it Maggie! I learned about the leaves and pick up poop years ago. Guess that means aging is good as we learn lots along the way, ha.

House photo looks peaceful--aah, that life can be also.