Monday, June 07, 2010

** a quick recap **

i've been
busy busy
you too??
everyday this thought passes through my cluttered
"today i will update blog & check in with all my favorite blogs & friends..."
i seem to get bogged down with
this & that
it doesn't happen...
i will show you what's been up..
hows that??
i spent last week doggy & kitty sitting..
thats archie,sasha & nina..
there was another cat in the family her name is
lily but
i don't have a photo....
she was a chubby shy gray kitty...
... really sweet animals ...

colman had a band concert ...
& a 6th grade graduation
a big slumber party with cousins
( me,4 girls,1 boy,4 dogs, one cat )
another doggie
this is little ava.... she spent the week with us...
super sweet
i love her!!

and then of course there is
ruby the hound...
i LOVE her too
look at that face!!!

but now ...
now it is official
school is out for summer
.. remember having the whole summer off?
biking to the pool..the lake... sleepovers ..
boating .. fishing... night games..
sleeping in??!!

fun fun fun

i hope colman has a really good summer..
oh and a girlfriend..
yes colman turned 13 & now has a girlfriend!!
i had a birthday too..
along with it i found an
age spot..
on my forearm...
... like clockwork
what next??
what happened to being a cougar?
did the magical cougar fairy skip me
& i got hit with the
liver spot crabby witch???
any hoooooooo

what a crazy few weeks!!
click here to see
whats for sale...
i have been
painting painting painting
finished my commission list so
this is a terrific time to request...
i usually have at least a couple weeks waiting list
to begin...
also back by popular demand
paintings on wood
they mix & match perfectly with your canvases so
don't hesitate if you are a canvas collector...

i also will be adding more fairy doors
my donut fairy is enjoying his..
did you know first friday in june every year
is national donut day??
gotta love that huh??

i still have a ladybug fairy door available...

super cute huh?
the black dots are
actually wood burned into the door frame..
& yes
it opens!!
check it out here...
do you have a fairy.. wish for a fairy ?
dream of a fairy...
if so what type ?
maybe a cupcake fairy?
pixie dust fairy?
garden fairy?
lucky gnome?
spaghetti love pixie?
a laundry loving fairy?
a dirty window cleaning gnome?!?!

enough from me

~ maggie ~

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