Friday, July 09, 2010

*** yikes where did all the time go?!!! **

so i have been MIA
fun stuff primarily
so i'm so NOT complaining
here is a quick catch-up :)
i went on our annual family event
the minnetonka festival
always an awesome day
tons of yummy food
blow up jumpie dealies for the kids
& our favorite
the petting zoo!!
now in phoenix i went to several petting zoos
& they
were full of
super pushy
extremely overweight goats
it made me so sad
but this zoo

waltons hollow
llamas donkey goats
* but normal size not pushy ones *
and my favorite
this dog
i love him ...i think hes a great pyrenees
always has me
and everyone else smiling

he reminds me of one of my favorite friends
that i haven't spoken to in a while
& it i think is her birthday month..
thinking of you nancy!!
she has had several beautiful samoyed
i have never met a samoyed
so i pretend this pup is one
we usually end the night
with amazing fireworks
not this year...
bad rain storm rolled in
so yep
but we get to look forward to them in October
at the end of another festival
so all is good!!

i've been busy painting
for you
keep sending those requests
at my new job teaching art
& playing with little kids
i know
how fun!!

herbie & ruby are wonderful
lulu is dealing with the storms
by snuggling in bed

bing is enjoying the sun on his
window perch
colman is having a terrific summer
& is continuing at 13 to let me
take our self-portraits
& laugh!!

so nuff said
we are caught up
i will post the newest tomorrow
painting wise..
or you go take a peek

happy weekend


~ maggie ~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yup that is correct breed in the photo of "white dog" and yup, that is the correct month for me! Nice to know you have been thinking of me--ditto. Glad you have been busy in good way. Festival must have been fun.

Nancy (will write)and Gwaycee & Cinder