Monday, August 09, 2010

*** wisdom faierie ***

do you remember getting your wisdom teeth pulled??
according to my dads records
mine were pulled


i asked to have my teeth saved

so after surgery they gave them
to me in a small envelope
i opened it up
out spilled 4 big teeth into the palm of
my hand..

i handed one to my dad
" for wisdom"
i told him
i laughed the best i could with
swollen cheeks & a mouth full of cotton gauze

he laughed...
he kept that tooth...
i found it in his belongings
after he passed away
in 2008
i was thinking
is there a different fairy
for the collection of wisdom teeth??
what about eye teeth..the "fangs"
is there a special eclipse vampire fairy who
collects the fangs??

well i made this door for Wisdom
the wisdom tooth fairy
i figure she has special ways in with she is able to extract
the wisdom from those huge painful teeth
make a fabulous pixie dust
.... one that lifts spirits..
sparks new ideas
& gives us strength & hope for new beginnings!!

wonderful huh?

speaking of new beginnings
my divorce is final
it's official
i am
Maggie Brudos
with wisdom
to know the difference!!

*** wisdom door available ***
along with several new paintings

~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

New beginning for Maggie! Enjoy the journey and keep painting along the way.


Melissa said...

Hey girly! I was just thinking of you yesterday!! That always happens with us. Gratitude for your beautiful comment. I'm so thrilled that my offerings fulfilled their destiny. YAY for YOU and your new beginning!!

I am still in love with your doors. They are so clever Maggie and very very magickal!


~ maggie crawford ~ said...

** x0x0x0x0 **