Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*** birthdays..commissions & new bathrooms ***

i'm multitasking on my blog today!!
so much happens
it seems not enough hours in the day
to update...
i get sweet confused emails..
where are you?
what are you painting?
how are you ??

i thank you!!

** it is so nice to have so many followers **
so here we go...
a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink!!
there are so many september birthdays
in my family....
don't they call them
new years babies
since it is the 9th month??


my sister would have been 44 on the 18th
missing you susie
her youngest the twins turned
double digits
on the 20th
my youngest niece ella turned

on the 27th...
my oldest brother scooter also had a birthday on the 27th

they always want art...
this year i will being painting something spectacular in the twins room
i'm not sure what..
sounds like they want a mural..

miss ella
she loves unicorns soooo
there she is ..
riding her unicorn

scooter collects my papier mache bees...
so he will get a special bee

hooray for all the birthdays!!

some of you have noticed i haven't posted much art lately...
it has been selling fast before i get a chance
which is a good thing!!
i have been doing a lot of commission work...
currently working on a rabbit
i love rabbits!!

here are a couple commissions i've finished
haven't shown yet...

a wedding gift for a groom

a girl & her berner tequila
a guy & his collie whiskey

in a fabulous pink wedding
cute huh??

lets see
here is lovely chloe
she loves her toys
* note toy stuffing everywhere *
her favorite
a little lamb

little miss chloe & her little lamb

here's one more
the viking great pyrenees
to match her berner viking

fun huh?
i love a dog in a hat!!

now to the new bathroom...
i have been moonlighting as a
house flipper,
painter, contractor, carpet taker-outer, grunt cheap labor,
we added a master suite to my farmhouse..
hopefully this will help with resale in this terrible market..
will pay off!!
my brother is a contractor
i know
i'm very lucky!!
me.colman.herbie,ruby,lulu, & bing
are staying at his house during the remodel & sale
i'm grateful & lucky!!

here are terrible shots of
a super fabulous new bathroom
in my farmhouse/cottage

i need a wide angle lens...
i don't think standing on the toilet
& photographing would even do it justice!!

i will post finished house photos
when we are done
it is a beautiful home
just to big for me & colman
wish we could stay

i will try to stay in touch with you better ..
remember you can always shoot an email
catch me on facebook fan page

enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

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