Tuesday, May 10, 2011

* what im thinking ..... ****

what i think about when my productive day turns..
some what..

the last couple weeks have been so
it's as if the hurricane of the last few years
has started to settle
just as i had
* it would *
there are a few leaves still rustling around
a couple twigs on the ground
i believe
...i may have finally figured a few things out..

* im stronger than i ever believed i could be *

* life has a way of sorting its self out
if i carry on ..believe.. walk tall & wade through the shit when needed *

* the power of my thoughts..wishes ..dreams .. unfathomable *

* i have precious angels..always there...
whispering in the wind...
....tickling my toes in the grass...
i hear them singing in the wind chimes....
...they will breathe for me when i cant catch a breath...
catch me in their beautiful wings if i fall ..
encouraging me in twinkling stars *

...i know...
good stuff

i celebrated my baby colmans birthday last week..
he is absolutely

* my greatest love & achievement *
* a sweet cherub *
when he was little little little ..
he loved to hold my hand..& pinch the chubby skin on my palms
..he would pinch them with his little fingers ..
they would chafe & get sore
look at that face?
how on earth could i deny him this
odd comfort

see photo below..
i love he has my thumb

he was born 2 weeks past his due date...
...with a lusty wail & huge feet..
really huge feet ...
* here we are..he was just 3 weeks old *

* he & i had our own language when he was little...
my high pitched ..speedy talk ..
along with minnesota accent
( i know YIKES* )
wasn't always the easiest to follow..but he did!! *

* in first grade he entered the school talent show...
he decided he was going to
trick hula hoop
trick hula hooping & sing the "vontage" music *

i was worried the tossing of the hula hoop would break a light ..
bonk an audience member in the head...
he did an impressive nun chuck demo instead *
* sorry no video ;( *
he was flawless..took the stage & wowed the crowd!!

now my baby boy is 14!

* his heart is made of gold... not a nasty mean bone in this body *
* so smart.. kind..honest ... funny ...
i know what your thinking ...
"well yah he's your son of course you think that "
* i encourage you to ask anyone... they will tell you the same *

* he is oddly fascinated with mustaches... has been since he was 5! *
* can unscramble my garbled text messages*
* loves to read *
* offered to paint my toenails for mothers day *
* wears mismatched socks..just like me *
* laughs at my bad jokes *
* sometimes wears plaid shorts & striped shirts *
* prefers water or lemonade while i drink my diet coke *
* loves to bike *
* eats vegetables i can't even smell *
* has unyielding confidence *
* is brave brave BRAVE *
* opens doors..
says thank you ..
...takes his hat off when eating..
shakes hands ..
without being told *

he grew up believing in santa...
*what a priceless expression *
the easter bunny...
with a mom that
told him brown cows are the chocolate milk ones...

* he has lived in
outrageously colorful homes full of
whimsy & charm
laughter & love *
he had a fish bowl in his bathroom
with a fishy called
get it?
he has lived with
birds ...
huge fluffy bunnies...
....cats in hats ...
& an occasional chicken suit ....
with bunnies that hopped through the kitchen...
...guinea pigs that
dined with the bunnies in the courtyard...
& cats that dined with bunnies *
...guinea pigs that dressed as lobsters...
.... & ones that drove race cars...
* sometimes you would even spot a wizard in the kitchen *

he has made exploding volcanoes
has built amazing army compounds
has tons & TONS of star wars action figures..
trains ...
lots of trains!!
all that boy stuff...



digging in dirt..
...has slept in several tents
area 51 you may ask..???
* has done it *

he has a
* lulu *
he loves her dearly ..
she has been with him since
he was 2
a miss ruby
..who both have loved him ..their boy ...for years*

* his heart is huge..his thoughts grand *

just like i said
he is
* my greatest love & achievement *

wishing & believing
your life will continue to be
* one-of-a-kind adventure *

* i love you colman *


the_happy_hausfrau said...

I am bawling ovah here!!! What a beautiful, heartfelt post Maggie. I want Colman and Henry to meet. They are cut from the same cloth.


~ maggie brudos ~ said...

*** oooh jenny ***
i can only imagine how wonderful your henry is with YOU as a mom!!! i would love them to meet!! hoping to see you soon!!

* many knuckle clucks to you my hen *