Sunday, July 10, 2011

* a king a clown & a viking walk into a bar *

* a king a clown & a viking walk into a bar *

that's all i got!!

so what do you think happens next??
lots of turkey legs..jokes..
juggling & conquering
of turkey legs?

im not sure
with this motley cru im sure
crazy night!!!

* of course this was inspired by our dogs *
their absolutely hysterical individual personalities

we have a beauty queen... thats miss ruby.
she sashays through the room ..
...down the street ...
parade waving her tail & greeting others with kisses
we have little miss lulu ...
shes the tough little teddy bear..
cute as a button..swirls her tail like a helicopter
will literally talk & cute you out of your last piece of dinner!!
even if its the juiciest piece of steak you have EVER tasted!
don't be fooled
will 'play' any varmit to death..
don't mess with the lulu
she'll get ya*
...theres tucker ...
...the fonz ...
with his flowing beautiful mane..
soooo handsome... sooooo protective of his harem of beautiful female dogs..
don't walk to close to his belly hair when he is laying down..
he will give you an earful!!
he will answer his daddy.. yes ..he is one of those talking dogs...
brave..handsome & wise
now shes the ancient one..
...16 years old...
... absolutely a red hat lady...
she's been there..done that
now is
a happy ... deaf... smiling..
big brown eyed girl who's ears bounce as she prances about ..
...she has her own little 'house' under the corner table...
its between two couches with a small entrance...
...just her size ..
she settles in with
her little stuffed froggy & her soft pillow..
... shes perhaps a little OCD ...
she circles the coffee table 2-3 times before entering
& typically on her second prance around the table...
she seems to enjoy cutting it a little close to tuckers flowing belly hair
causing a good yelp that she loves to end her night with
her special good night kiss to tuck
and of course we can't forget
mr bing
the cat
whos personality reminds me of of gary busey
wacky...quirky...& im sure just as full
of 'bing-isms' as gary is of busey-isms
... if only i could hear him ...
the stories i could tell
nuf said

painting is up for grabs here...

im going to be putting up more on ebay
or tag teaming the two sites to see what happens..
do we like etsy or ebay?
let me know
of course
** enjoy enjoy **
~ maggie ~

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