Friday, January 13, 2012

** i took a deep breath **

im breathing as one now
...for years through all the grief...
...when i thought i couldnt catch my breath...
she was there
by my side..
... doing the breathing...
... licking the tears ...
... holding me up ...
... spooning me at night...
... inspiring me...
... making me smile ...
...making me laugh until tears ran down my cheeks...

... she was the wink to my smile ...


she would wag her tail every time
...i walked in the room...
... every time colman walked in the room...
even when it seemed she was sound asleep
...she wagged her tail... could fall on her...
she wagged her tail
gave kisses


...i told her
i was happy...
...colman was happy...
i could see
was happy

she would
sashay around me
...kiss me...
reminding me of
unconditional devotion


... she is in every painting ...
all 8ooo plus paintings
she's muse..
she still will be

* always *

i took a deep breath
deeper than i have in
... years ...
a long exhale
long one

kissed her beauty marks
thanked her
told her it was ok
that it was time for her to go for now
she wagged her tail
placed her head in my lap


7 months & one day after herbie received his wings

a bell rang for 'hooray ruby'

my beauty has her wings now

* june 20 2003-january 12th 2012 *


Sandy said...

Oh Maggie........ I am so sorry.
Big Hugs. You are the best dog mom and Colman mom ever!!
Herbie & Ruby are teaching the others the snow dance wearing their wings! LOVE you.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not dear Ruby. Too much too soon (never a right time though). My heart aches/cries with you. Hugs and prayers! Ruby and Herbie will live on through your wonderful paintings, and in our memories. You must feel like a roller coaster.

Nancy, Gwaycee, Cinder

Cindy D. said...

I came from your Etsy shop to tell you how much I love your dog art, and was so sad to find this. However long they live, it is never enough. It sounds like they had the best possible life. So sorry.

~ maggie brudos ~ said...

thank you cindy*
i peeked at your art... OMG!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
im very flattered you enjoy mine!!!
thank you so much for stopping by... im going to totally keep checking in & know you inspired me to pull out my markers!!!

love you cindy*

nancy!!! ill zip you an email... hope you are all enjoying your new digs..please know i think of the 3 of you DAILY!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

OMG.....I don't know you, but I know the pain, my heart aches for you. The loss of a Berner is never easy, you have to be owned by one to understand that love. I lost my 2 Berner girls in 2011 at the ages of 7 and 4 and a 1/2 and my heart aches daily. I have a new girl now, she is wonderful. I hope you can heal and smile whenever you look back and remember the good times and the love they showed you. Holly and Kindr Rose

~ maggie brudos ~ said...

*** ooo thank you holly *** it sounds like we both lost are 2 at similair ages & recently... sending you huge hugs!!! im so happy you have your kindr rose <3