Wednesday, March 06, 2013

** wow ***

i  found this painting tonight
 thought you would get a kick out of it
~a little background~
im often  asked
 * have you always painted ?? *
when i was little ..if you asked me the token
what people
ask little kids question
 " so what do YOU want to be when you grow up?"
i always said
 " an artist & travel the world "
ok havent traveled the world ..
 have done the first part & sure have traveled
lived all over the united states!!
i was the little girl in the summer
drawing ..clay  
painting classes at the art center ..
... funny thing ..
it appears
* dogs *
 have always been my favorite subject!
...this is my stuffed animal ..
... i dont remember its name...
we had toy poodles growing up
oo & a chocolate lab
i remember their names!
  i DO remember painting this ..
 i was 8 or 9
 as you know i am terrible at age ...
i actually thought i was 43 for the past 9 months!!
seriously ....... im losing it!!
hoping you have found me on facebook
or you can friend me..
 Maggie Brudos
 & guess what??
i have a new muse!!
* miss whoopie penelope *
 we have a lot of catching up to do!!
until then
follow your heart
p.s i'll update my sidebar in the morning



Sandy said...

I adore you Miss Maggie!!!! So happy to see you here!
WE have some traveling to do yet still---- I havent forgotten.
<3 you....

Jackie said...

Glad to see you are back and I am able to enjoy this blog! I loved your painting. I have always loved dogs since I was little, and studied them all...and still waiting to grow up at 49 and do something with them. Right now, boring on a laptop, but glad I have a job. But, I do have you and your beautiful painting to enjoy! Some from years back and now new ones!

Anonymous said...

Was a looooong wait. Glad you are back on-----

Gwaycee etc