Monday, July 21, 2008

*** am i nuts ****

alright i am soo tired of people walking up to my door ..
let me explain ..
i don't exactly live on the road.. it is a a long fenced property with a
gated driveway .. even has a beware of dogs sign on it ..
that is the only photo i can find right now..
anyways people actually walk all the way down my driveway to the door..
the front door is on the rear of the house .. random people wander in offering free roof inspections ..
parents with girl scouts selling cookies .... my mailman even wanders down & opens my porch door that has once again a beware of dog sign on it & leaves my mail in the porch ..
sure very nice but ..
please don't..
today a man actually drove down my driveway ..parked his truck walked to the tree line hopped the fence & went down to treat mosquitoes at the pond...
no ..
i didn't call him ..
no he didn't come to my door.. there was no notice... it was like i was a parking lot ..
very strange ..

i have dogs & i don't trust YOU around..

see last year when i moved to this town with in seconds of arriving to my new home
i was stunned with the lack of respect for others space... property ..
& common sense around animals...
the neighbor a 20 year old man & his 50 year old mother decided to go to my truck &
reach their hands INSIDE the vehicle to
" pet the puppy "
surprise he was bitten ...
2 days later a neighbor wandered on my property at night when i was bringing my dog home from emergency vet... ruby was soooo stressed from the move from AZ to MN ..she never had a chance to relax & she developed a huge throbbing hot spot ... she was disoriented & in a cone lampshade deal after just being shaved & cleaned ...
the woman startled ruby & she got a swift ram in the ass with a plastic cone .. she called police ..claimed my dog bit her...

man living behind me had been gardening for the past 20 years on my property...
i told him his garden was beautiful.. he never told me it was MY garden... that is until i picked up the land survey from the city so i could fence in my pets...
i would literally be fencing this man in his home!!
he was totally living in my yard...
still there is no boundries...
we moved 2 months later ..we still own that home .. the neighbors have tried to interfere with
our open houses & we have had to demand them to bud out or we will press charges ..

it is really sad...these people are so terrible.... it all began with in 2 minutes of pulling into the dead end..

in AZ everyone had a fence.. a block wall dividing the homes.. it was wonderful .. there was no question .. it was your property ..
we had a home that was very private..the front was a private brick courtyard & again we had a gated entrance...
people respected signs that said no dogs ..
not here .. they bring dogs where ever they want ...

people here are nuts..
perhaps it is me!?!?!?!?

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nollyposh said...

Oooo that is weird X:-/ My sister would have a HEART ATTACK... She is sooooo thing about neighbours and privacy... I'm a bit more relaxed BUT there are boundaries still in my book... Like when people step too close to you when they are chatting or just that there are some days when l want to ignore the phone or the door bell (and l did get really annoyed once when a person knocked on my front door and then started prowling around my house to my back door to knock... Sheesh!)...No l don't think you are weird to want "space"... Vicki x