Saturday, July 26, 2008

*** love ***

*** love love love ***

my herbie & ruby.. i just love love love them..
i will going out of town for 5 days .. 8-3 to 8-8
& unfortunately all the 4 legged family members are
unable to come... huge stress for me
i have never left them.. they really come everywhere with us..
so luckily i have 2 potential watchers.. one may even stay at my house..
the other will take everyone
even late the guinea pig to his house!!

isn't that terrific???

so i will be stressed mostly about my girl ruby.. but she loves my brothers family & has been there with his labs often so i think she will be fine..
if anyone has any tips for making this a smooth
transition PLEASE let me know..
i would really appreciate it

love love love is up for grabs.. 12x12 quick 5 day auction ..
enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

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