Thursday, July 10, 2008

*** and she takes a flying leap ****

i did!
i took a huge 20ft flying leap ...
more like a tight eyed ..white knuckle countdown off
a high drive!!
it was much much taller when ya looked down of course...
from the beach it wasn't so high..
i climbed up & looked around...
just as i thought
'good no line i can climb down'
i see my sons face smiling at me ...then i hear my
5 & 3 year old nieces start chanting
" go maggie go go maggie go !!"

so i took my first 40 year old leap of faith!!!

& i survived...
my son even said i had nice form so
apparently my arms & legs were only flailing around in my



Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

You sound absolutely exhilirated!

nollyposh said...

Dear Maggie X:-)

YOU have been awarded a "BRILLANTE WEBLOG Premio-2008" award by ME because l think your blog is FaBuLoUs! PoP by my bloggy when you have a minute to pick it up X:-)
Kindest Regards,

Vicki (aka) nollyposh xox

Pawsitive Art said...

I didn't realize you were on blogger too! I love your paintings! So inspiring..although our styles are a bit different I love your use of color and hope to own a tbee original soon! :D -Rachel