Thursday, February 19, 2009

*** little punk rock ***

little punk the snaggle tooth monster isn't she cute??

i was so cracking up when i received this photo
in an email this morning..


i do so many commissions & not to often am i sent a wonderful photo
of the painting & pup ..
so a huge thanks & hugs to danielle!

been working on a few different things..
this one is up for grabs ...

*** coming in for a hug ***

you know the drill
just click to bid
enjoy enjoy!
~ maggie ~


Jenn said...

look at that likeness!!! That is so cute!! what a treat to see your painting next to your subject:):) That bottom tooth is cracking me up. Adorable!

Have a great weekend!!!

nollyposh said...

Ahhhhh that's tOOOOO adorable!

nollyposh said...

You are so clever X:-)