Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*** out to lunch ***

.. i've been totally out to lunch these last few days ...
this loooooooooong winter is getting to me i think..
on a happy note lulu is almost totally recovered
wooooooo hooooooooo!!

did you have a terrific valentines day?
i did
i went to the weinery with my valentine colman

the weinery was on food networks
diners drive-ins & dives..
so people yes
total dive but
BEST dogs in the MINNEAPOLIS!!

then off to a movie..we decided last minute it would be fun to see a movie at mall of america ..
what a mistake!
it was soooooooooo crowded..
on valentines day..
i thought that was weird..
but after waiting forever to park ..
the photo above was taken as we waited in traffic trying to get in the ramp..
don't i look surprisingly unstressed about the wait?
i love that ..see proof it was a terrific day!

after about 45 minutes we were in &
at the theater ..
but there were no good movies..
so we decided to see
pink panther..
not the greatest choice..
i recommend seeing it at the dollar theater..

we rode the roller coasters!!
now that was a blast!!

my camera battery was almost dead..
i was able to capture 2 photos of the crowds..
below is the lego shop..
& this is a shot of the amusement park
( just click photo to enlarge it )
it is a pretty crazy place..
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

it just snowed again here, so I am totally relating to your "long winter" comments...UGH.... so glad you had such an awesome Valentines Day! YAY!
When lunch is over, look foward to seeing you again!!

Dozer and Coop said...

We had a spring day here, in the 50's! We took long walks and felt the sunshine for the first time in a long time! But you sound like you found a perfect way to get out of the gloom and have a good time! Hip hip hooray!

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper