Friday, February 27, 2009

**** oh what a headache ****

i have had a terrible headache.. migraine all week..
it is the worst.. i have been stumbling around with a hot pink silk
night mask pushed up on my forehead that says
"naughty "
nice huh?
it was from the dollar bin at target ...
it is awesome for blocking out the light &
when i push it up on to my forehead it actually sorta feels good...
we just had more snow..
yes the dogs loved it .. miss ruby is so pretty.. she's the beauty queen ..
her sash would say
~ belly button beauty queen ~
here is herbie looking very jack nicholson from the shining...
he's nuts ..
don't let him fool you.. ruby is the boss

anyway... here are the newest up for grabs ...
~ fresh blooms ~

~ there's a potato on my couch ~

you know the drill .. click image or title to view ..
enjoy enjoy


Anonymous said...

oh sweetie! I hope you feel better soon! Your dogs are so cute and playful! They make me smile!
Loving the painting of the flowers- Is it Spring yet?

Melissa said...

Ugh, pain in the head. But what I cute item to wear when you're feeling bad! I'm sure you look smokin' hot in it too! :)

Oh those pups - I can feel the fun they have through your shots!

We got more snow here too. Piles and piles. Tristan missed two days of school because of it.

What a cute potato!!