Tuesday, November 09, 2010

* 25 random facts *

so my sweet dear em
wants to know
* 25 random facts about me *
here we go!!

1~ i have a bizarre love of all things marshmallow
2~ everything i own has dog hair on it
3~ there is always at least one knot in my hair at all times...a curse*
3~ i wear my dads socks when i need strength or comfort
4~ i use my sisters pencils when i have a creative block
5~ i can fly in my dreams & once when colman showed up in my dream i taught him to fly with me!
6~ i loved being married & hope one day to be again... just better
7~ if you can't reach me by phone it's because i lost it & the ringer is off or battery dead
8~ i believe in angels
9~my moms name is bonnie... it's her birthday today!*
10~ i bake incredible pies & cookies
11~ i broke my tail(ass) last summer
12~i came in last in the mtka 8k!! HA! true look!!
race results
scroll all the way down!!
*it was the most wonderful rainy muddy morning of puddle jumping & just being alive*
13~colman says i'm memorable..funny ... & deaf
14~ants on a log...yummmm
15~i wear mismatched socks when i wear boots
16~ i LOVE all the incredible saints that my sisters short life gifted me...
*this includes you em.. my adopted niece*
17~is am are was were be been being =helping verbs not bad huh?
18~ i very rarely use caps or punctuate properly.. you notice?! HA!
19~the gold band i wear was my dads wedding band.. my sister wore it before me
20~ i have an inny belly button!

so there ya go sweet em... i love you!!

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