Wednesday, November 03, 2010

*** a girl full of yada yada ***

* boys are ridiculous*

i am stunned by a good 75% of them!!
the ones i have as friends are so amazing!!!
what happened to the single ones
that i run into

i thought dating would be much different from dating in my early 20's

wishy washy in your 40's .....

unsure of who they are
what they

i have dated men who turn out to be
~ demanding of time
~ demanding of me
~ color their hair
* this is seriously bizarre to me *
* i love silver streaked hair on men think george clooney *
~ have called me
"a leaky bucket"
because i order diet coke with dinner
~ turn out to be bullies
~ have no integrity
~ think they can buy me
~ are upset when i don't get jealous
~ are upset when i do my own thing
~ insist i can't be happy
~ insist i hate my ex-husband
~ even one that ate ice cream knowing their
lactose intolerant!!!
yeah...seriously gross huh?

****don't worry i moved on****

one of the strangest things i have noticed
if i am kind... pay attention ... listen...
ignore their drama
*yes men you add silly drama*

be a friend

they assume

* images of glen close
scariest female actress in history
movie "fatal attraction" flashs through
my head
she scares the hell out of me *

now with me....
i chatter
be it text... phone... whatever
so it is not unlikely to get a random text from me
saying basically
*Ex: remind me to take the bowling ball outta the
back of my truck it's rolling around & driving me nuts!
*Ex: ooo look to the east it looks like the Simpsons sky
*Ex: :P
*Ex: balloon boy cnn hurry turn it on!!!

translated in mens minds
* she loves me *

no matter how many times you gently use the word
they don't believe you

so i ask.....
*are men STILL unable to have friendships with women?
*do they believe that they are not
worthy/capable of just a friendship?
*have they all fell victim to those terrible women on
**a program i admit to being amazed by**
~ demanding
~ emasculating
~ obnoxious
~ insecure

have we as women ruined them??
*that seems silly...i give them more credit ...
men haven't ruined
bad relationships....
bad marriages...
what the hell happened????

when i was married i didn't have to worry about
being misunderstood
with a comment or compliment
to a male friend
now being single ..

did my wedding ring actually work as a buffer??
she's married its all good?
with affairs & divorce rate
i doubt it

i have to learn to really curb my thoughts...
difficult for

i am the little sister of 3
i go into
* little sister pest mode *
when misunderstood
it's a syndrome
i'm self diagnosed

i will pester you with hellos
yada yada
even if i sense you think i'm totally digging you

i continue on with the friendship until you
loosen up & figure out
that's all it is

* me *
a girl full of
yada yada

i admit
.. it fascinates me ...
men your reactions to

~ maggie ~*
your pesky friend


Anonymous said...
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~ maggie brudos ~ said...

ok weirdo...i want you too ... now buzz off ***

Tim Scott said...

Ahhhh yes, kissing a lot of frogs are ya? Well yes true love and healthy people are hard to find. But are you a victim or volunteer? Finding the right date/partner/lover/BF/husband is not a shotgun approach, it demands a laser sharp, pointed, researched, evaluated, massive game plan. If you are fishing for Salmon you don't go to the Coon Rapids Dam. So maybe you're fishing in the wrong pond? I dunno...I know it's hard...but you have a lot to offer and it shouldn't be too hard to find that soul mate for decent women are really hard to find. But easy for me to say, I'm in Asia, really white, blue eyes, chubby and 6 ft. tall. I've had to hire an assistant just to pre-interview my dates and build Powert Point presentations on each of them complete with nude shots. See, I'm efficient! All things for a reason Maggie...keep Marching on. (With lipstick, heels and a nice dress.)

Tim Scott said...
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~ maggie brudos ~ said...

oooo tim... i follow all your guidelines ... even bought the sexiest black heels...
you would totally approve!!!

* did you see them i posted them *

i think your on to something...
i'm doing this ALL wrong...
i'm just doing my thing & stumbling upon these characters!

i know i know have told me before
... time is ticking!!

but i don't know if i want a partner/lover/BF/husband ...
just a fun date would be AWESOME!!*

i totally admire your determination & efficiency!!
maybe i need to hire about that?*

see ...
as i said in my post ...
my guy friends are amazing**
so the bar is set very high!!!
love to you mr scott ...
you know i will continue to forward..
in heels ...lipstick & dresses
because i also believe
all things for a reason!!

oh & timmy... quit being modest..your a chick magnet ;)


Anonymous said...

Maggie, I think it was good you got all of that outside of you. I need to reread a couple of times. Good insight. Painful insight as to the real world you are thrown back into. Maybe you should take one of the dogs with you on a date---that would confuse them,ha.


fRiDa aMoRe PaPiLLoN said...

hey love! men ARE WEIRD!!! yep. i could go on & on ~ you know i could! so, let me just say, MUAH! you're gorgeous & don't need to put up with a second of anyone's bullshit :)

~ maggie brudos ~ said...

miss you!!
hug your mommie for me
herbie sends love... wants a date!!

~ maggie brudos ~ said...

oooo frida...
boys are weird!!