Monday, November 01, 2010

* Día de los Muertos *

* Día de los Muertos *

it's just around the corner..
november 2
it seemed fitting to celebrate it today...
the death of so much in my world
but what a rebirth**

i have been thinking a lot of
"my time line"
sorta sounds weird but i literally
feel like the rug was pulled out from beneath me..
swift & hard ..
i totally fell on my ass!

i have never put it on paper.. .
or really dated things
in my blurrrrrr......
i still tell people i just moved to MN because i feel like i just did!!
i think we all have our blurrs...
this is mine

may 2007 move cross country from AZ to MN

aug 2007 second move in MN about 8 miles
* crazy neighbors ** REALLY CRAZY i don't regret moving AT ALL *
aug 2008 dad passes away
may 2009 find out my husband wants a divorce
** from my father-in-law.. at the local applebees **
** REALLY i thought i was being punked**

July 2009
sister passes away leaving 5 young children
* i made the gut-wrenching call to my mom telling her her oldest daughter died *
july 2010 my divorce is final & i find out i have to sell my home
aug 2010 son..3 & i move in with my sister-in-law & brother until house sells
sept 2010 renovations to sell my house begin
oct 2010 house is ready to sell & put on the market

now we are here
for a buyer

these last 3 years
i have learned more than words...
my bad grammar
horrible punctuation can express

material things
in a millisecond
can be

* gone *

if you don't have


you got nothing

don't let those moments to connect slip away
they will
ooo so fast

*i am so grateful to have had my moments*

today i celebrate you
dad & susie
my angels
i miss you
i love you
i thank you
i laugh with you
i smile with you
i cry with you

*you two are amazing & i learn from you daily
thank you for picking me up
walking with me & keeping my faith alive*

* kisses to heaven *

i love you

~ maggie ~

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